Investigating Students’ Attitudes TowardsThe Implementation of Online Learning During The Covid-19 Lockdown. The Case of Master One Majors of English at Abbas Lghrour University- Khenchela

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Abstract The present study is an investigation of the EFL students' attitudes towards the implementation of online learning. This study aims at exploring students's views concerning the use of e-learning systems in the EFL educational settings. Accordingly, this study seeks to capture where online or e-learning stands in the EFL educational system and whether it is being used or not. Moreover, this study is mainly concerned with discovering the different online learning resources that students use and whether such resources are beneficial or not. It is hypothesized, in the present study, that students who do not agree with the idea of elaborating online learning in the EFL educational system will change their minds if they learn about it and use it more. It is also hypothesized that learning would be much easier and more accessible for students who can not attend classes and have certain circumstances if online learning was an option in the educational system of Abbas Laghrour University. students to use it and take advantage of itIn order to achieve the research aims and to test its underlying hypotheses that have been suggested, the study rests on a students’ questionnaire administered to master one EFL students at the university of Abbas Laghrour Khenchela. As such, the majority of students reflect a favorable attitude regarding the implementation of online learning. Moreover, the results of the questionnaire reveals that adapting e learning as a choice in EFL classes will facilitate the learning process for many students who cannot attend classes. Furthermore, the results of the questionnaire shows that students are frightened of online learning since teachers are not always present in such kind of learning. Thus, the involvement of teachers in such kind of distance learning would provide major assistance in any situation that needs to be tackled through its implementation. Since the main obstacle that prevents online learning from being part of EFL classes is the fact that it is being ignored, several suggestions and recommendations were presented to show the importance of such learning and to support both teachers and