The Current “Arabic-English-French” Language Conflict in Post-Hirak Algeria through the Eyes of the Teachers and 2nd Year Master's Students at the English Department, Abbas Laghrour University

Abstract The recent political events in Algeria caused the common language conflict to surface again, provoking different views and stances among the people. The present research is a qualitative study that aims at examining EFL teachers and 2nd year Master students’ attitudes and perceptions towards language contact/conflict between Arabic and French, and between English and French in today’s Algeria. To collect the needed data, a questionnaire was distributed to 31 Second Year Master’s students and 16 teachers at Abbas Laghrour University. The results yielded that the vast majority of both categories (teachers and students) are strongly against the wide use of French in comparison to Arabic in Algeria and prefer to see Arabic being used as the official language of communication in various sectors and the exclusion of French from official spheres. Also, most participants supported to a higher extent shifting towards English instead of French in all domains, especially in education and economy, as this would help the country to devolop. These findings are a reflection of the density of the language conflict in Algeria and the changing sociolinguistic situation.