Impacts des sources de pollution sur l’environnement urbain Etude de cas de la commune de khenchela

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Abstract Actually, environment and sustainable development are important subjects studied during the different summits and meetings at the international level and they constitute the essential of policies. Since Stockholm until the conference of Rio and Johannesburg, meetings are held in order to discuss about resolutions of problems developed by the degradation of the environment in the world particularly starting since 1992 (Conference of Rio). On the issue of the evolution of town and how to assure their durability, and this become a subject of preoccupation and worry. Finally this issue is on the Agenda 21, on a national as well on a local scale. Our country as signatory of the Rio convention, applies all this programmers to promote its towns. Local agendas are since 2001, through the working out of communal charters of environment and sustainable development. Khenchela which is the city of concern of this study is a town experiencing many difficulties about pollution and degradation of environment life. These problems have reached worrying degrees as we are obliged to take strong measures to remedy to this situation. How to assure the durability of town? What is asked to make of Khenchela an ecological town? These are the questions to study carefully in order to find an ecological reading of Khenchela to provide good governance, an appropriate education of the population to reach the durability looked for