Ameliorative Effect of Curcuma on Reproductive Functions of Male Adult Rats following Chromium Exposure Effet d’amélioration du curcuma sur les fonctions reproductrices des rats mâles adultes après exposition au chrome

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Lavoisier SAS
Abstract This study aimed to investigate the protective effects of curcuma against hexavalent chromium-induced alterations in reproduction indices of male Wistar rats. Twenty adult maleWistar rats were divided into four groups. The first group (0-0): control. The second group (0-Cur) received a diet with 2% curcuma powder. The third group (Cr-0) received 15 mg/kg B.W. of potassium dichromate (K2Cr2O7) per os, while the last group (Cr-Cur) received a diet containing 2% curcuma powder and 15 mg/kg B.W. of K2Cr2O7 per os. After 30 days of treatment, testicular weight, sperm concentration, sperm kinematic parameters, and testicular glutathione (GSH) level were evaluated. Our results suggest that hexavalent chromium causes a decrease in sperm concentration, total progression, total motility, fast motility, medium motility, slow motility, static sperm, linearity (LIN), straightness (STR), amplitude of lateral head displacement (ALH), beat cross frequency (BCF), sperm velocity, and testicular GSH level, accompanied with an increase in testicular weight and wobble (WOB) level when compared to control group. However, supplementation with curcuma of chromium-intoxicated rats has reduced the toxic effect of K2Cr2O7 by bringing back the reproductive parameters and GSH levels to normal values. From this finding, it can be implicated that diet supplemented with curcuma powder may show protective effects against chromium toxicities.