Contributions à l’étude comparative de la salinité des sols de la plaine de Remila ; par deux méthodes : Extrait pâte saturée et extrait aqueuse 1/5. (Khenchela)

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Université abbaslagherrour de Khenchela
Plain Rémila is characterized by its agricultural north of the province, its geographical position in the North Semi-arid bioclimatic stage, its plain topography, these large underground water resources and the risk of soil salinization by the presence geological formation contribute to the primary salinization, land development by different project, which need huge efforts developed the plain. The aim of our study was determined salinity in plain Remila have comparisent between the results of two methods most used; saturated paste extract and aqueous extract 1/5, and are having spatial distribution in the study area. The analysis of the soils used for the determination of salinity is estimated regularly by measuring the EC, TDS, pH and electrical conductivity. These parameters allow us to have a global vision of soil salinity in the region and at the same time to a distribution map of Salty Soil in the study area. Our results soils are classified into three class of soils that costituer uccun problem of salinisation, a moderately saline soils catugirée yields are touch sensitive species and an end to the categories of soil salinity is very generally high are autroure of déprission Sebkha only tolerant species risite.