Strategies of Civil Society Organizations in Encouraging Youth Participation in Algerian Political Life

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The journal of El-Ryssala for studies and research in humanities : Volume : 09 / No : 01 ./ April 2024. pp 95-104
Abstract: Civil society organizations in Algeria are regarded as active members in engaging and building Algerian society. The youth's disaffection to engage in political participation has its causes from their perspective. With all their social movements, civil society organizations have played a role in consolidating political participation among Algerian youth. In addition to the diversity of its organizations, our study focuses on the concept of civil society and its theoretical approach. It also determines its role in fostering political participation among Algerian youth with higher education degrees. This is mainly relevant given the reasons behind the lack of political participation. The study aims to achieve empowerment goals to reaffirm the principle of advocating for political, social, and cultural rights and promoting democratic principles.