The Main Factors Engendering Students' Weakness In the Speaking Skill

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ABSTRACT Language is first and foremost a spoken and not a written entity. Human beings talked and listened ages before there was anything for them to read. Achieving a satisfactory level in speaking English as a foreign language is a primary aim of both foreign language learners and teachers. However, students -in general- are facing obstacles in speaking English. They avoid talking because they are not able to use this foreign language appropriately, to convey their thoughts though they have the desire to reach a certain fulfillment. Learners of EFL find the speaking skill quite difficult to master and therefore they fail to produce acceptable utterances. In this respect, the present work deals with learners’ non mastery of speaking; their poor speech production. The major objective of this research work is to identify the difficulties that affect the learners’ ability to speak adequately. To carry out on, two questionnaires were designed: one is delivered to students and another one is administered to teachers. The findings prove that the students of English suffer from a number of obstacles when speaking and expressing themselves orally. Both teachers and learners affirm that those difficulties are related to: the lack of reading, lack of practicing, inappropriate techniques of teaching the speaking skill and the interference of the mother tongue. Relying on these findings, we would present some suggestions, in order to improve students’ speaking skill.