Exploring the Effectiveness of Primary school Teachers’ Pre-Service Training in Developing Their 21st Century Skills Towards Citizenship Enhancement: A Program Evaluation Study

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Abstract This research evaluates a recently implemented educational program introducing English as a Foreign Language teaching in Algerian primary schools. The program’s aims included the integration of 21st century skills among pre-service and in-service teachers. This aim was the main focus of this study. The evaluation employed the CIPP program evaluation model, focusing primarily on the training of 21st-century skills. Additionally, an intervention utilizing the Lesson Study approach and Teacher Observation Program was implemented to teach trainees these skills and observe their performance in addressing professional challenges. The findings indicated that the program exhibited various deficiencies as it was not specifically tailored to this particular context, but rather used for pre-service teachers of all subjects at the middle and high school levels. It presented an ill-suited syllabus, resulting in confusion among teachers, although its initial objectives were well-suited to the educational context's needs. The intervention demonstrated the positive potential of explicitly teaching 21st century skill to trainees, enabling them to develop professionally and apply these skills in their lesson plans and teaching practices. The study recommends that training programs should be aware that 21st century skills initially imparted by the program are crucial for both current and pre-service teachers to address professional challenges of teaching a new language to young learners. Other recommendations for both teachers and policy makers are presented.