A New High Order Theory for Buckling Temperature Analysis of Functionally Graded Sandwich Plates Resting on Elastic Foundations

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CHITOUR mourad
Using a high order theory (HSDT), this work presents a study of thermal buckling of functionally graded (FG) sandwich plates subjected to various temperature rises across their thickness and resting on a twoparameter elastic foundation. The mechanical properties of the FG sandwich plates are supposed to change gradually through the thickness according to a power law (P-FGM). The intermediate layer is homogeneous and made of a purely ceramic material. The principle of virtual works is used to obtain stability equations, and their solutions are obtained based on Navier’s solution technique. The obtained results are compared with other studies in the literature. Then, a parametric study is conducted to investigate the influence of geometric and mechanical characteristics such as the ratios of dimensions (width, length, and thickness), the material index (k), and the effect of the elastic foundation on the critical buckling temperature.