Investigating the Grammatical Errors in EFL Students Writing Process The Case of Third-year LMD Students in English Department at Abbes Laghror University-Khenchela.

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Abstract Considering the importance of grammatical knowledge in the writing process which needs to be mastered in the EFL classroom, this research attempts to investigate the grammatical errors in Students’ writing production for third year LMD students, in English department at Abbes Laghror University- Khenchela. The selected sample in this research is a group of third year English students chosen randomly, to carry out the research we opted for the quantitative descriptive method .In order to collect necessary data, we relied on two research tools: an online questionnaire as a tool of gathering data in addition to a diagnostic test .The questionnaire was addressed to 49 third year students. In addition, 20 paragraphs of third year students were analyzed to find out the most frequent errors in their writing. Based on the results obtained from the two research instruments, namely the questionnaire and diagnostic test, it was found that students’ most frequent grammatical errors are tenses, prepositions, capitalization, subject-verb, word order, articles, and punctuations. Moreover, the findings of this research showed the lack of grammar awareness and low level of proficiency are the main causes behind students’ grammatical errors. Furthermore, there are other less influential causes to students’ grammatical errors such as lack of reading and writing, poor teaching skills and finally intralingual transfer.