The Effect of Implementing Motivational Strategies on EFL Students’ Academic Achievement The Case of Third Year High School Students

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Abstract The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of students’ motivation on their academic performance. Three objectives guided this study: to establish if students’ motivation has any influence on academic performance, find out the relationship between teachers’ motivation and students’ motivation, and to compare EFL teachers’ and students’ views about motivation in learning foreign languages in general, and English in particular. This study used survey research design that targeted a population of 586 students and 12 teachers, out of which a sample of 130 students and 12 teachers were selected. The method of data collection involved the use of questionnaires that were supplemented by use of a classroom observation. Data analysis involved use of frequency counts and percentages. One of the key findings is that motivation has a great influence on students’ academic achievement. The research also revealed that if the teacher is not motivated to teach, he/she will not be capable to motivate his/her students to learn. The other major finding is that both teachers and students are aware of the role of motivation in the teaching-learning process. Therefore, the study concluded that the findings justify the importance of motivation to academic achievement; similarly, students’ motivation serves as a yardstick in predicting their performance. Based on the findings from the study, some recommendations were made regarding the enhancement of motivation.