An Evaluation of the teaching strategies of English in Primary schools Case of: 4th year pupils at Azdin Boumaaraf, El Amir Abed El kader, Ghaoui El Tahr –Khenchela-

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University of ‘Abbes Laghrour’ Khenchela
Abstract This mixed method study is an investigation of effective teaching strategies of English Language for pupils in Algerian primary schools, for the reason that pupils might find English Difficult to learn especially because they learn with French at the same time, this rely on Convergent method which is the combination of both qualitative and quantitative research Method at the same time .the data were collected through unstructured observation with 90 Pupils in different primary schools, and a structured questionnaire for EFL teachers from p Azdin Boumaaraf, El Amir Abed El kader, Ghaoui El Tahr primary schools in Khenchela .the findings revealed that teachers differ in the use of teaching strategies due to the different learning styles of pupils in the primary stage. Besides, each teacher chooses an effective strategy that is applied in an appropriate way for the pupils’ level which reduce the challenges that both the teacher and the learners may face during their academic journey. Also, every strategy has benefits and drawbacks. on this basis, EFL teachers must have knowledge about their learners learning styles and levels to adopt the appropriate strategy for facilitating the educational process. Keywords: English primary school, teaching strategies, EFL teachers, pupils