Metabolic Diversity of Thermophilic Bacteria from Hot Springs in Algeria

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Journal Academica
ABSTRACT Hydrothermal samples have been collected from hot springs in the northeast of Algeria (57– 98°C). The samples in question are considered as extreme ecosystems. The first spring (57°C) have the highest thermophiles isolation rates. Three thermophilic aerobic strains have been purified. The isolates have an optimum growth temperature of about 45 to 70 °C and pH (6.5 – 8.0).The isolates exhibited extracellular amylase, protease and nitrate-reductase activities at high temperature and showed an antibacterial activity against at least one of the test-bacteria studied using the agar cylinder method. The study of their morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics suggests that these isolates belong to the genera Pseudomonas sp., Thermus sp. and Geobacillus sp. Such studies are needed to understand the microbial communities that are native to the hot springs and their interest in biotechnology.