Gender and Language Use. In Terms of Giving Instructions and Feedback in the Classroom Case Study of Teachers of the Department of English at Khenchela University

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Abstract The current study aims to look into the topic of gender and language use in the classroom when it comes to giving instructions and feedback. We have opted for a mixed-methods research approach using the exploratory sequential design (qualitative method primarily, and quantitative method in depth) to explore and describe the research phenomena. The qualitative method is based on structured observations and semi-structured interviews of teachers of both genders in the same department. While the quantitative method consists of a questionnaire for Master's 2 students at the department of English language and literature at Abbes Laghrour University, Khenchela. As a result, we chose a descriptive analysis of the findings to report the collected data. The findings reveal the different use of language used by male and female teachers while giving instructions and feedback in the classroom. Even though men and women use the same language, they use it differently. This difference is due to many factors that will be discussed thoroughly. That is to say, the findings of the research confirmed our hypothesis that gender is indeed a factor that, for many reasons, influences language use. Additionally, there is a remarkable difference in the language used by teachers (men and women) when it comes to giving instructions and feedback in the classroom.