The Implementation of Bloom's Taxonomy to Assess Students' Critical Thinking Skills: The Case of Third-year LMD Students of English at Khanchela University

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Abstract. The present study intends to investigate and analyze the changes in the development of the students’ critical thinking skills as a reaction to the implementation of Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives. For this purpose, the researcher used two questionnaires – one administrated to students and the other to teachers - as instruments for collecting data. Basically, the questionnaire designed for the students aimed at testing their different cognitive skills of the students based on the six levels of the taxonomy, in addition to the questions which are related to critical thinking abilities. However, the questionnaire designed for the teachers was for the sake of checking the extent to which they apply Bloom’s taxonomy in the classroom in order to attain the underlined goals of the course and to engage students in the learning process through practicing their critical thinking skills. The data obtained were analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively. The results of the study revealed that when Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives is better applied and used effectively by teachers, it helps in assessing and developing the students’ critical thinking abilities due to the strong relationship that exists between the mentioned variables. Keywords: Bloom’s taxonomy, Cognitive skills, Critical thinking skills, Implementation, The learning process.