Investigating the Role of Project Work as a Pedagogical Task in Developing EFL Learner’s Creative Thinking Skill Case Study: Third Year Students at the Department of Letters and English Language, University of Abbes Laghrour –Khenchela-

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ABSTRACT The present research is about the project work and creative thinking. It aims to highlight the role of the project work as a pedagogical task in developing EFL learners‟ creative thinking, with a case study of third year learners at the English department of Abbess Laghrour University, Khenchela. The study seeks to answer the following questions: is the project important in EFL learning process, can the creative thinking ability of learners be developed and enhanced while doing their tasks? Is there a relationship between the project work as a pedagogical task and the development of creative thinking ability of EFL students? In order to achieve the aim of the study, the researchers used the questionnaire as a tool to investigate the validity of the hypothesis. The researchers designed two questionnaires: one for the teachers of English at the department of English at Abbess Laghrour University, and the other one for third year LMD students at the same University. Also, these questionnaires are administered by Google Forms and shared via face book and Gmail. The analysis and the interpretation of the questionnaires showed that the use of project work as a pedagogical task has a great role in developing learners‟ creative thinking skills and confirmed that the project work is the context where students‟ creative thinking is greatly developed and fostered. On the basis of the results obtained some recommendations and pedagogical implications are suggested.