Students’ Attitudes towards Movies In Enhancing the Oral Skill

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Abstract This dissertation is concerned with the use of movies in language classes in enhancing students’ speaking skill. Additionally, this attempt is made to investigate the teachers’ and students’attitudestowards the use of movies in enhancing the oral skill. We opted for a descriptive method. The sample population constituted of two classes of third year L M D students at the University of Abbas LaghrourKhenchela. A total of 143 students are involved in this study. Data are collected from two questionnaires: one for teachers and one for students. The results of this study show that students as well as teachers upported and welcomed the idea of using movies in the oral classes in order to improve students’ speaking performance. Students , based on their answers to the questionnaire, displayed positive attitudes towards the use of movies as an educational tool to enhance the oral skill. Teachers, also, claimed that using movies in the oral cases is a new strategy to motivate students to participate in the oral session. Although positive results are gained from the study, some limitations are present. It was not possible to conduct the study based on the experimental method for the lack of materials. However, the study is still significant in that it is a recommendation for educators to adopt new tools in the teaching process.