Implementing Language-Based Approach to Enhance the Literary Competence of English as Foreign Language Students The Case of Second-Year Literature Class at the Department of English at El Oued University

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Abstract This study investigates the efficacy of a Language-Based Approach (LBA) in enhancing literary competence among undergraduate English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students, focusing on second-year students at the English department of El Oued University as a study case. Employing an explanatory sequential mixed methods design, the research contrasts the LBA with traditional literature teaching methods within a quasi-experimental framework over a 12-week period. The experimental group, subjected to the LBA, engaged with a curriculum to strengthen literary competence across five key pillars: comprehensive engagement, textual acumen, aesthetic insight, cultural awareness, and analytical application. In contrast, the control group continued with conventional literature instruction. Data were collected through pre- and post-intervention tests, teacher interviews, and student questionnaires to measure changes in literary analysis skills, understanding of literary genres and themes, and application of literary terms and concepts. Quantitative findings from the pre-and post-tests indicate significant improvements in the experimental group's literary competence, particularly in the analytical application, aesthetic insight, and textual acumen. Qualitative data from teacher interviews and student pre-treatment questionnaires reveal positive perceptions of the LBA's impact on engagement and understanding of literature, suggesting an enhanced appreciation for literary studies among students. This study contributes valuable insights into the potential of the LBA to enrich EFL literary education and advocates for its broader application within similar educational contexts. Keywords: EFL, Didactics of Literary Texts, Language-Based Approach, Literary Competence, Literature, TEFL