Buckling behaviors of FG porous sandwich plates with metallic foam cores resting on elastic foundation

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The main objective of this paper is to study the effect of porosity on the buckling behavior of thick functionally graded sandwich plate resting on various boundary conditions under different in-plane loads. The formulation is made for a newly developed sandwich plate using a functional gradient material based on a modified power law function of symmetric and asymmetric configuration. Four different porosity distribution are considered and varied in accordance with material propriety variation in the thickness direction of the face sheets of sandwich plate, metal foam also is considered in this study on the second model of sandwich which containing metal foam core and FGM face sheets. New quasi-3D high shear deformation theory is used here for this investigate; the present kinematic model introduces only six variables with stretching effect by adopting a new indeterminate integral variable in the displacement field. The stability equations are obtained by Hamilton’s principle then solved by generalized solution. The effect of Pasternak and Winkler elastic foundations also including here. the present model validated with those found in the open literature, then the impact of different parameters: porosities index, foam cells distribution, boundary conditions, elastic foundation, power law index, ratio aspect, side-to-thickness ratio and different in-plane axial loads on the variation of the buckling behavior are demonstrated.