EFL Students’ Perceptions towards Using Podcasts in Enhancing Vocabulary Acquisition The Case of 3rd Year Students at the Department of English – Khenchela University

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Abstract Podcasts have become popular for helping learners enhance their English vocabulary. They provide a fun and engaging way to hear new words in context, making it easier to remember and use them in every day conversations. This research aims to discover students; perceptions and attitudes towards using podcasts to enhance the vocabulary of EFL students. For this purpose, third- year English students at khenchela university was chosen as the sample of this study. Also, a combination of quantitative tools(questionnaire) and qualitative one (interview) are employed as instruments to collect data. The results have demonstrated that students had positive attitudes toward the use of podcasts, particularly when it comes to improving EFL students vocabulary acquisition. Students had some challenges with podcasts including suffer from the weak internet flow which affects the process also varying accents, rapid speech, and the absence of visual aids, all of which could impact vocabulary development. In addition, as a recommendation for teachers, they have to incorporate podcasts into their lessons by selecting relevant podcasts to their subject matter and integrate them into their lesson plans. To sum up, the current study was conducted to highlight the effectiveness of podcasts use as means to enrich and enhance vocabulary of EFL students. Keywords: ICT, Podcasts, Technology, EFL students, vocabulary acquisition