The Challenges of Teaching English for Primary School Learners The case study: Third Year Primary School Pupils of Khenchela

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Abstract This study explores the challenges facing English language teachers in primary sector. This research case study is concerned with third year pupils of Khenchela, for the reason that they study the language for the first time. It focuses on highlighting the difficulties they face during the process of teaching. It referred to the languages exist in Algeria, the phases of the educational reforms happened in the Algerian educational system and the situation of English worldwide and locally. The research method adopted is mixed method; in order to provide better and deeper understanding, and to give the full picture of the challenges teachers face. Additionally, this study is based on three different data gathering tools; a questionnaire answered by forty eight 48 pupils, an interview answered by five 5 teachers. And an observation that provides us with better understanding of how teachers present the lessons, how they deal with pupils, and the, methods they use. The results obtained show that the main challenges primary school teachers face are the lack of time and tools, the large number of Pupils in classes and the difficulties faced by them to understand this new language, and their lack of experience in teaching English in primary schools. The future researches may address the challenges faced by primary school learners precisely. Look for the points of view of parents about teaching English in primary schools, and investigate the strategies and methods used in teaching English for primary school Pupils. English should be given more importance, and make it the first foreign language in Algeria. The authorities should review the decision of teaching English in primary school. The ministry should find solutions for the teachers of primary school. The authorities should give chance to the new graduated students. And the authorities should remove the decision that obliges teachers to teach in two primary schools. Key words: challenges, English language teaching in Algeria, educational reforms, primary schools, educational system, pupils.