Aptitude à l’irrigation des eaux usées Traitées par la station d'épuration de la commune de Kais (khenchela)

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Abstract : This work was carried out in order to establish a diagnosis of the physicochemical state of the treated wastewater of the kais STEP, to deduce the performance of this station and study the waters quality for irrigation, the treated wastewater has positive effects on the soil nutrient richness as well as negative, effects, namely salinization of soil surface horizons and influence on the physicochemical properties of the soil. The comparison between the values of the different physicochemical parameters of the treated wastewater from the Kais wastewater treatment plant with the irrigation standards set by OMS show that some values are significantly higher levels compared to Algerian and international standards like : salinization and [ Po4 ] ..According to SAR results, these waters are suitable for irrigation of agricultural land without major negative impacts. Provided that salinity must be controlled with and suitable crops are salt-tolerant crops on well-drained soils