The Importance of Using Instructional Technology on Improving EFL Learners Speaking Performance A Case of Study: First Year Students of English at Abbess Laghrour University, Khenchela.

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Abstract IV The present study aims at highlighting the role of Instructional Technology in EFL teaching and learning process. Indeed, this work is done to investigate the importance of integrating IT in foreign language classes to improve students’ speaking performance. It also investigates to what extent instructional technologies are used by teachers at the department of English at Abbess Laghrour -Khenchela- University. The study was built on two main hypotheses. The first was that applying Modern Instructional technologies such as ICTs, active learning or e-learning, etc. would effectively promote students’ speaking performance in EFL classrooms, and the second was that teachers find it more effective to use new technological tools within the learning process rather than depending on traditional materials. To construct this research, we have opted for a descriptive method and have used two questionnaires as a means of collecting data of research: one was designed for EFL teachers, and the other one was addressed to first-year English students at abbess Laghrour University. The data obtained were analysed quantitatively. The findings of the study revealed that instructional technologies have a positive effect on EFL students speaking performance in EFL classrooms. Additionally, it is proved that both EFL teachers and students share the same perceptions towards the positive effect of instructional technology on students’ speaking performance. Hence, teachers should work backward to create an enjoyable classroom by exchanging ideas, views and attitudes related to the content and that if they need to enhance their students’ learning they need to plan their lessons strategically.