Investigating the Role of the Process Approach in Developing Learners’ Writing Performance Case Study: Third Year English Students at Khenchela University.

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Abstract Writing skill plays an important role in foreign language teaching and learning; however, many language learners find it difficult to produce an effective composition. The aim of this research is to explore the role of the process approach in improving student‟s writing performance at Abbès Laghrour Khenchela University. It also aims to attract students‟ attention to the fact that writing is a process that entails many stages to follow rather than a product of accurate use of grammar and vocabulary. To reach such an objective, the study is conducted following the descriptive method. Three different research instruments were used to collect data relevant to the study: a classroom observation for third year written expression classes, an interview to the teachers of written expression module, and a questionnaire targeted to third year LMD students. The results obtained by the classroom observation, the questionnaire, and the interview suggested that by following the stages of the process approach, students achieve better writing products. The findings of this study show that EFL students‟ difficulties in writing can be overcome if the teachers and students adopt the process approach. Thus, students have to be aware that writing is a process; the more they work on their writings the better it will get.