Promoting Students' Speaking Skill through Task Based Materials A Case Study: Second Year Students at Abbes Laghrour University-Khenchela

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University of ‘Abbes Laghrour’ Khenchela
ABSTRACT This study was carried out at Abbes Laghrour University, Department of English, to investigate the use of task-based materials to promote students oral skills. The main objectives of the study were to highlight teachers and students’ attitudes towards the use of task-based materials to promote students' speaking skill and increasetheir knowledge concerning the importance of task- based materials in promoting students' oral skillas well as determining the effectiveness of these materials in developing students' oral engagement in the classroom.To gather data about the situation, mixed-methods research was adopted to gain precise and in depth information about the situation. A questionnaire and interview were administered to both second year students and teachers of oral expression. By doing so, we wouldconfirm our hypotheses. The data obtained from these instruments were examined qualitatively and quantitatively. The results of the study revealed that both EFL teachers and learners are familiar with task-basedmaterials as a teaching strategy.The findings also showed that second -year English students are more aware and mindful of the importance of TBM in improving their oral proficiency. In addition, it is yielded that EFL teachers agreed that using task-based materials is one of the most effective and beneficial tools to reinforce and ameliorate second year English students’ speaking skill.Thus, EFL teachers are highly recommended to integrate these materials into their oral expression sessions to promote students’ oral proficiency.