The Impact of YouTube Channels on Enhancing EFL Students Speaking Skill: Case Study of Second Year Students at Khenchela University

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Abstract The present study aims to investigate the role of using educational YouTube channels to improve EFL learners' speaking skill. The objectives of this research are to find out the importance of embedding YouTube videos in the classroom and to promote EFL learners ʼ level in speaking skill. The sample of this study is second year students at the Department of English in Abbes Laghrour. This study employs a descriptive method that focuses on quantitative framework. It aims to describe two variables: educational YouTube channels as the independent variable and speaking skill as the dependent one. To collect data for this research, a questionnaire was administered to 60 second year EFL students who were chosen randomly at Abbes laghrour. the results positively confirmed that both learners and teachers have a positive attitude towards the use of YouTube channels as tools to improve the speaking skill. Finally, on the basis of the findings, some recommendations and suggestions have been proposed to both teachers and students. For teachers, to attract their attention and why not to urge them to produce by themselves YouTube videos with contents that cover the weaknesses of their students to integrate educational YouTube channels in order to create a new entertaining ways of learning. They should be aware of the involvement of technology in the educational field and merge Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools within the curriculum. For students, they should experience the use of some tools such as watching educational YouTube channels habitually to help them to overcome their language difficulties and improve their oral performance.