Text Messaging and the Linguistic Subculture Competence among EFL Learners. Case study: Second year Master Degree English Students At "ABBES LAGHROUR» UNIVERSITY KHENCHELA

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Abstract The present study investigates and explores the students’ attitude towards developing EFL learners’ linguistic subculture competence by the use of text messages, at Abbes Laghrour University of Khenchela. The current thesis, which took place during the academic year 2019/2020, aims at highlighting the students’ opinions towards the subject matter. Studying English as a foreign language is culturally and linguistically critical thus, it is very important for learners to expand their minds and personal attitudes towards the linguistic subculture competence. As it was noticed that EFL learners are highly using text messages to communicate with each other and even with foreigners, the researchers saw that texting is a good way to promote the subculture competence among the students. The research approach adopted here is the quantitative, to verify the validity of the hypothesis the researchers relied on the descriptive method. For collecting data, a questionnaire is published in Face book. The population is second year master degree students of English in the department of English at Abbes Laghrour University. The sample consists of fifty students. After interpreting data, the researchers found that many students share the same attitudes towards developing the linguistic subculture by the use text messaging.