Identification microscopique d'algues thermophiles

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Abbes Laghrour University- Khenchela
Terrestrial hot springs ecosystems present drastic conditions that are deemed to be difficult for all forms of life. Such ecosystems are many in eastern Algeria. Their exploration allows the exploitation of the frontiers of life while giving another dimension to the biodiversity of the microbial world. Hot spring Hammam Es salihin located in Khenchela (eastern Algeria) present a high temperature ranging from 70 to 72 ° C, which places it among the extreme ecosystems. It is characterized by a neutral pH (7.20). The photosynthetic microorganisms such as algae (including cyanobacteria) are a significant part of biodiversity. The thermal stations of the Algerian East including the thermal source of Hammam Es salihin situated in Khenchela was not the object of any study concerning the biodiversity and the inventory of the microscopic algae and cyanobacteria. The aim of this work is to determine firstly the biodiversity of algae and cyanobacteria that restraint; and improve knowledge on algae and cyanobacteria of its extreme ecosystems and secondly, to open the door on the exploitation of the wealth of these virgin areas and the evaluation and management of the microbiological quality of water of these hot springs. The task was to make a descriptive study based on morphological characters followed by a systematic inventory of species encountered. The descriptive study identified 32 species and develops identification keys to the genus level and the species level. The Cyanophyta represent 47% of taxa and include Cinque families including 9 genera and 15 species, 17 microalgae species, distributed in 15 genera and 9 families. Microscopic algae are composed of Chlorophyta and Charophytes and diatoms. Our results extend our knowledge of the indigenous communities of algae and cyanobacteria of these hydrothermal springs, as well as their interest in biotechnology, and the microbiologic quality of the waters of these thermal sources.