Investigating Teacher’s and Student’s Attitudes towards Integrating Pop-Culture in Oral Expression Classes Case study: second year LMD students at Khenchela

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Abstract Our study aimed to examine the attitudes of students and teachers towards the use of popular culture to improve student cultural communication. Our study aims to investigate the effectiveness of using popular culture to improve the cultural score of second-year LMD students at the Abbes Laghrour University English department in Khenchela. This research was carried out using mixed methods; qualitative and quantitative designs, as well as a simple descriptive design. In addition, data were collected from forty secondary students using questionnaires, and from five English teachers using interviews. The results of the research show that the majority of participants are interested in viewing popular culture as they are for cultural reaction. Furthermore, the results have shown that students and teachers have positive attitudes towards the use of popular culture references and materials to improve motivation and commitment, as it is seen as a tool of motivation. In addition, some English teachers use popular film and sound scenes in the classroom and strongly encourage the idea of including them in the teaching-learning program. Thus, the use of folk culture materials as a teaching-learning tool has a positive effect on the cultural baggage of students, therefore, research questions are solved and research assumptions are effectively confirmed