The representation of African Americans In Hollywood Cinema

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Abstract This study aims to uncover the reality behind the racial discrimination and stereotypes in the classical Hollywood cinema and highlight the changes made in the modern American cinema if there was any, this study also provides a historical preview of Hollywood, African American actors and actresses in particular, how they were presented in the classical movies and how they are presented in modern movies. Although Hollywood celebrates its cultural diversity and claims to the support talents regardless on their cultural and racial background, we aim to determine whether it has always been like this and has things been change for the best or for the worst as well as investigating the sources of many stereotypes are and how they affected and still effects the American society and especially the African Americans. the study opts for content analysis so and film analysis methodology to analyse several American films are with African American actors and actresses, the movies analysed are from two different cinematic eras are picked deliberately to explore how they were represented in different time periods and compare between those all those films to conclude the changes made during those time periods. Finally, by the end of the study, it shows that African Americans may seem like they are being represented better now than they were presented in the past but they are in fact still surrounded by many obstacles and stereotypes that may come between them and achieving social equality and end discrimination even after years of over fighting it.