Effects of hygro-thermo-mechanical conditions on the buckling of FG sandwich plates resting on elastic foundations

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In this research work, the hygrothermal and mechanical buckling responses of simply supported FG sandwich plate seated on Winkler-Pasternak elastic foundation are investigated using a novel shear deformation theory. The current model take into consideration the shear deformation effects and ensures the zero shear stresses on the free surfaces of the FG-sandwich plate without requiring the correction factors “Ks”. The material properties of the faces sheets of the FG-sandwich plate are assumed varies as power law function “P-FGM” and the core is isotropic (purely ceramic). From the virtual work principle, the stability equations are deduced and resolved via Navier model. The hygrothermal effects are considered varies as a nonlinear, linear and uniform distribution across the thickness of the FG-sandwich plate. To check and confirm the accuracy of the current model, a several comparison has been made with other models found in the literature. The effects the temperature, moisture concentration, parameters of elastic foundation, side-to-thickness ratio, aspect ratio and the inhomogeneity parameter on the critical buckling of FG sandwich plates are also investigated.