Cartographie qualitative de la sensibilité du sol à l’érosion hydrique : Cas du bassin versant de Gareat El Tarf (NE Algérie)

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Abstract Water erosion is a serious problem that increasingly threatens the soil in northern Algeria, especially in the semi-arid region." The main objective of this work is to apply a multi-criteria weighted model for the sensitivity mapping of soil water erosion sensitivity in the El Tarf watershed (north-east Algeria) using the Geographic Information System (SIG), Four layers that have been combined as data modeling factors responsible for the sensitivity of soil erosion: rainfall, topography, lithography and vegetation . The map of sensibility of water erosion obtained made it possible to identify the areas most at risk of erosion, where 32.5% of the total area was highly susceptible to water erosion, 56.9% of the total surface was fairly sensitive, and 10.5% of the total surface was poorly sensitive to water erosion. The proposed model is a powerful tool that local decision makers can rely on to identify priority protection areas.