Investigating the Role of Peer Feedback in Overcoming Grammatical Deficiencies in Writing The Case of First Year Students at the Department of English at Mohamed Boudiaf University of M’sila

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University of ‘Abbes Laghrour’ Khenchela
Abstract This study attempts to investigate the role of peer feedback (PF) in overcoming grammatical deficiencies in writing to first year students at the Department of English at Mohamed Boudiaf University of M’sila. In order to attain this aim, a mixed-methods approach was adopted to collect and analyse data. In effect, the study was carried out following three phases; pre-experimental phase, experimental phase, and post experimental phase. In the pre-experimental phase, preliminary data were collected to set the ground the for the experiment using two questionnaires administered to first year EFL students and Written Expression teachers at Mohamed Boudiaf University of M’sila. In the experimental phase, two intact groups (control group and experimental group) undertook a pre-test, progress tests, and a post-test in order to confirm or reject the stated hypothesis. That is, to test the effect of peer feedback in improving grammatical accuracy in writing. In the post experimental phase, to better explain the results obtained in the experiment, an interaction analysis method was carried out to analyse students’ interactions during PF. Further, Focus Group Discussions were conducted to gain qualitative insights and attitudes from the participants of the experimental group about the efficacy of peer feedback and its potential outcomes on students. The results obtained have revealed that there is a statistically significant difference between the experimental group and the control group in terms of the level of grammatical accuracy they achieved in writing due to the implementation of PF. Besides, results have also indicated that incorporating grammar instruction in writing classes through peer feedback yields positive outcomes on students’ writing accuracy. Based on these findings, a number of pedagogical implications and recommendations were suggested.