Fonctionnement geochimique et hydrochimique de la vallee d'Oued Meskiana

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Abbes Laghrour University- Khenchela
Meskiana plain, located in the North-east part of Algeria, this plain has hydrous resources are relatively limited consist of underground water of the Mio-Plio-Quaternary aquifer. In recent years a high level of water demand was felt due to remarquable increase water for agriculture use. On one hand, this has induced a shortage of water and a deterioration of its quality on the other. The goal of this research is etude influence of the lithological parameters and the climatic factors, on to physicochemical parameters of water. Meskiana alluvial aquifer is mainly composed of sandy, sandstone and conglomeratic materials with some passages of relatively thin clay layers. It is limited to the north east by diapiric formations, the most important part of its recharge comes from the carbonate formations of the borders. Meskiana plain characterized by simple tectonated structure the general direction of folding is South-west North-east, as to the climatic predominant in the area is semi-arid The chemical quality of water is poor resulting from the strong salinity influenced by the lithology of the aquifer and the climatic factors (precipitations and the temperatures). Pollutants originating from agricultural activities and urban wastes are also present. The results obtained from this study agree perfectly with the questions raised in the proposal.