The Importance of Using Background Knowledge to Enhance Students’ Writing in EFL Classes. A Case Study of Second Year LMD Students of English at the University of Abbes Laghrour Khenchela

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Abstract: Many learners have found difficulties while writing. There are multiple reasons thatimpede their learning process and writing skill because they are not being aware of the significance of the English language itself; others may learn just to achieve good grades in the exams. This study investigates the effectiveness and the importance of prior knowledge and other extensive reading in improving the students’ writing skills .Thes latter is considered as a challenging task for students because the majority of them are unable to improve their writing skill since this skill includes a series of obstacles that result in students’ poor writing. The main purpose of our study is to investigate the role that prior knowledge plays on enhancing the EFL students’ writing skill. This study is designed to assess the hypothesis, the more the background knowledge is rich, the better the achievement of the learners’ writing will be. If students do so much practice in the written expression within the classroom their performance will be improved, and teachers of EFL classes should encourage their students to develop their writing through various techniques (inductive situation, description, diagrams, Pictures, maps…).In order to investigate this, we conducted a descriptive method because it is the most appropriate one to deal with this topic. The present dissertation is based on two questionnaires administered to both teachers and second year L.M.D students at the departments of English at the University of Abbes laghrour Khenchela. The results obtained demonstrate the role of background knowledge in improving students’ writing proficiency. Based on these results, the research hypothesis was confirmed that students need a sufficient amount of prior knowledge to enhance their writing competence and proficiency. Teachers should encourage their students to activate their prior knowledge and to be aware about the importance of the writing skill.