Biological diversity and patrimony evaluation of the fauna and flora of a wetland of "Sebkhet el mahmel" in the arid region of Khenchela in the North-east of Algeria

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Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences
Abstract The objective of our work is to determine the floristic and faunistic biological diversity and the patrimonial evaluation of the wetland of sebkhet El Mahmel in the arid zone of Khenchela located in the north east of Algeria, in order to allow the decision makers to take adequate measures for the protection and the preservation of this wetland. The results of the study reveal a remarkable floristic, faunistic and patrimonial value richness, where we inventoried 78 plant species, divided into 23 families, the majority of which are herbaceous forms including a protected species and two endemic species. As we counted 21 species of migratory water birds, divided into 6 orders grouping 8 families; dominated by the family of anatidae, all of which are protected. For the terrestrial birds we noted the presence of 35 species, divided in 07 orders containing 19 families dominated by the order of passeriformes with 11 families. For us we report the presence of 98 species; divided into 16 orders containing 44 families dominated by the order of Coleoptera with 13 families, of which 09 species are protected. As we note the presence of an order of amphibians with two families and two orders of reptiles with 05 families and 12 species, the majority of which are protected. For the mammals we noticed the presence of 14 species grouped in 06 orders containing 09 families, we point out that the area is frequented by species of important patrimonial value such as the striped hyena.