On The Confused Equivalence Between The Zeta Function and its Proof: Discussions On Science and its Measurement.

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The journal of El-Ryssala for studies and research in humanities .Volume : 8 . Numéro : 4 . P P : 96-112
Abstract : The confusion between two concepts covering two different fields of science and scientific research causes a lot of misunderstanding and results in a gradual withdrawal of the discussion towards reductive visions, which leads to the adoption of a naive linear causality between the economic aspect of scientific research activities and the collection of symbolic capital for scientific recognition, before commenting on the methodologica l weaknesses, allow us to specify the two concepts involved: scientific measurement or Scientometry and Bibliometry. Each respective domain of its two complementary specialties has a methodological framework (Frame) beyond which any hasty interpretation is concluded by fallacious reasoning including the archetype and the supposed equivalence between the zeta function and its demonstration.