The Implementation of Drama Activities (Roleplays) as a Means of Verbal Interaction to Optimize English Language Learners’ Oral Expression Case study: First Year Students of LebehLekhdar High SchoolKhenchela

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Abstract The current study aims to investigate the effectiveness of employing drama activities (Roleplays) to improve students’ oral expression and increase their confidence as well as their motivation to learn. The participants are a class of first year of the literary stream students at LebehLakhder High School Khenchela. Role-plays are thought to trigger students’ motivation in learning and accordingly to develop their oral skills. With the intention of attaining this goal, the quasi-experimental research is opted. Two sub-groups have been selected to realize this research: a control group, and an experimental group. Based on the qualitative method, a classroom observation is conducted to evaluate the learning environment. At the beginning of this study, both groups went through a pre-test in order to determine their level of English as well as to measure their oral ability. After that, the role-play technique was applied with the experimental group; in the meantime, the control group continued learning with the regular routine. At the end of this experiment, both groups have been administered a post-test to measure the development of their oral production.The findings of this study reveal that the oral performance of the research group has been enhanced, their self-confidence is promoted,alsotheir participation and interaction are maximized. The respondents attained higher outcomes compared to the control group. This fact denotes that the implementation of drama technique in classrooms has a positive effect to the improvement of students’ oral performance and achievement.