The Role of E-Management in Improving the Quality of Public Services

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Abbes Laghrour University Khenchela
Abstract: This study aims to explore the role of e-management in enhancing the quality of public service. In an increasingly digital world, effective use of electronic systems and technologies has the potential to revolutionize how public institutions interact with their stakeholders. By leveraging tools and practices of e-management, public administrations can streamline processes, increase efficiency, enhance transparency and accountability, ultimately leading to improved quality of public services. This study will employ a mixed-methods approach, combining quantitative analysis and qualitative data collection techniques. It will begin with a comprehensive review of scholarly literature to establish the theoretical framework concerning e-management and its potential impact on the quality of public service delivery, describing the various dimensions of e-management and their potential effects on service quality. To collect data, a questionnaire will be administered to the users of the institution under study. The questionnaire will assess customer satisfaction with E-management system applications and investigate the expected impact on service quality.