Investigating EFL students’ perceptions towards E-learning strategies during Covid- 19 pandemic The Case of Master Two Students

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Abstract Educational institutes across the world have closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that jeopardiz the academic calendars. Thus shifting to online learning platforms to keep the academic activities going. However, in this study we focused on investigating EFL students’ perception towards e-learning during covid 19 pandemic, at Abbes Laghrour University. The research problem addressed the challenges and obstacles, preparedness, designing and effectiveness of e-learning that EFL students faced, while using e-learning and e-learning strategies. In addition to the existing literature a mixed-methods case study design was conducted, utilizing multiple sources of information including a questionnaire, and a semi-structured interviews. The target population was Master one EFL students at Abbes Laghrour University (N=144), during the academic year 2021-2022. The results obtained from the analyzed data revealed that the majority of master one EFL students have a passive perceptions in connection with the e-learning strategies, because of the use of the only available strategy which is the electronic lectures strategy, that limited students’ understanding for some lectures , in addition to the various challenges starting with the problem of first use of learning through this new method , their struggle concerning the absence of interaction with teachers and classmates ,internet and the online courses access, also students declared that their not ready to learn by themselves because of the total dependence on teachers .Despite these findings, the opportunity for the adoption of e-learning was identified, Having these results as the first step to work on a strong educational system in every Algerian university that need a shift from the traditional learning to the electronic learning.