Comparative study of the Environmental impact on the nutritional quality of Durum Wheat (Triticum durum Desf.)

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ABSTRACT In this study, we set out to assess the impact of environment (Khenchela vs. Constantine) on the nutritional qualities of two durum wheat genotypes grown extensively in Algeria (Waha vs. GTA- dur). Based on our results, the absence of an ‘Environmental’ effect upon the content of insoluble proteins, TKW (Thousand Kernel Weight), and in the absence of qualitative analysis of insoluble proteins (electrophoresis analysis), we concluded that these parameters are not very associated with culture conditions in both regions (soil type, farming practices, etc.), which does not seem to be stressful for the cultivation of wheat. However, the variation of the content of the wheat grains in soluble sugars and soluble proteins appear to reflect better the impact of changing environment upon the composition of the nutrient grains and therefore the quality of this preferred nutritional foodstuff of all Algerians in particular as couscous and porridge.