Le rôle des conifères dans la phytoremédiation des forêts au niveau de la Wilaya de khenchela

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
The use of conifers in forest phytoremediation The study is carried out in the region of Ouled Yagoub, Noughis and the controls are taken at the Chélia station, Wilaya de Khenchela, which focuses on the use of conifers in forest phytoremediation. The species recommended in this study are and Cedrus atlantica and Pinus halepensis. We carried out needle sampling of these two species at the three stations to analyze the chlorophyll contents at the laboratory of the Faculty of Nature Sciences and Life. Concentration variations between the healthy control sample station and the two other stations considered us affected by dust deposits have been found. The results revealed a high concentration of chlorophyll in the Ouled Yagoub and Noughis stations, which are close to the barite industry in the Ain Mimoun region compared to the levels in the Chelia station, which is farther away from the source of barite. So, apparently, barite does not negatively affect chlorophyll synthesis in the two recommended species, cedar and pine, and the high chlorophyll content promotes phytoremediation and thus the eventual use of these two species in the phytoremediation process.