The influence of fiber arrangement on the mechanical properties of short fiber reinforced thermoplastic matrix composite

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Revue des Composites et des Matériaux Avancés
Short fibers are becoming increasingly popular reinforcing elements in products made by extrusion or injection molding. Short-fiber reinforcement allows the polymer to be processed employing the same methods as those used for unreinforced polymers. In short fiber composites, loads are not directly applied on the fibers but are applied to the matrix and transferred to the fibers through the fiber ends. Thermoplastics reinforced with short fibers are increasingly used in many industrial applications due to their attractive mechanical properties, rapid processing and relatively low manufacturing cost. However, the concentration and the orientation of the fibers vary from one point to the other. In this work, multi fiber composite model was analyzed under tensile load. The purpose of this work is to analyze the influence of fiber arrangement on the Von Mises stress of glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic nylon66 matrix composite using finite element analysis (FEA).