Investigating the Use of Artificial In-telligence to Improve Students’ Writing Skill

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University of ‘Abbes Laghrour’ Khenchela
Abstract This thesis investigates of AI in enhancing students’ writing skills. With the rapid develop-ment of AI technologies, this technology has become an effective tool in improving the quali-ty of education, including writing skills, which are considered essential in education because they enable students to clearly express their ideas and organize and analyze information effec-tively. AI plays a crucial role in improving these skills. In this regard, this research aims to investigate the use of AI to improve students’ writingamong students at Abbas Laghrour Uni-versity Khenchelato answer the research question, we have adopted a descriptive method. The study sample consisted of 119 third-year undergraduate students from the department of Eng-lish language, simple random sample 20 teachers who taught writing skills at the university in the Department of English Language, the results confirm that AI plays an important role in improvingStudents writing skillsThrough the use of various applications that enhance their competence, providing them with many methods and different techniques. Also,all teachers advise students to use AI applications correctly and in ways that benefit them.