Study of Drain Barrier Effect on Hydrocarbons Hazards

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This paper aims to study the emptying barrier effect on the dangers caused by hydrocarbon liquids. For this work, the case study was a storage tank filled with benzene and the effect was studied by combination of event tree method ALOHA software and static analysis of SOLIDWORKS software. As a result, an increase in the safety ratio was observed with the event tree method. ALOHA modeling showed a decrease in the danger zones with each emptying rate. Finally, the static study showed that the danger applied to the tank decreased. This study presents the importance of the drain barrier in hydrocarbon plants on several levels: safety, environmental and goods (tank).
 Hammouya, A., Kabouche, A., & Chaib, R. (2019). Study of Drain Barrier Effect on Hydrocarbons Hazards. Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention, 19(5), 1475-1486.