Soil amendment by olive pomace improving soil quality

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Journal of Natural Resources and Environment
The majority of agricultural wastes, including olive oil mill waste, are used as soil amendments due to their high nutritional value. Thepurpose of this study was to investigate the effects of the amendment with olive mill pomace from a 3-phase cold-pressed system on the characteristics fertility of the soil pH, electrical conductivity (EC), and organic matter (OM). The experiment was carried out using twoincreasing rates of olive mill pomace (50% and 100% w/w) plus the control untreated soil in microcosms under laboratory conditions. the results showed that the 50% of olive mill pomace was slightly reduced soil pH and slightly increased on soil (EC), while the 100% of olivemill pomace has a significant decrease on soil pH and a significant increase in soil (EC), Moreover, the amendment of the soil with olivemill pomace has significantly increasing soil organic matter. As a result, we can consider the olive mill pomace as a soil fertilizer.Pretreatment of olive mill pomace to reduce acidic pH and salt content before use as a soil amendment is also recommended.