Reading literary Books Impact on University Students’ Cultural Awareness: The case of Master 2 (EFL) students at the University of Abbas laghrour Khenchela

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Abstract Language and culture are closely related to each other throughout the years, many scholars tried to explain the importance of the cultural element in English language teaching (ELT).as well as the crucial interaction between reading,literature, and cultural awareness. The present study aims at investigating the impact of reading literary books on Master 2 student's cultural awareness in an (EFL) classroom. The hypothesis adopted in this study sets out that the students who read more literary books are more likely to be more culturally aware than the one who do not read. The research method adopted for this piece of work was purely descriptive,which explains that its major goal is to describe and explain the relationship between reading, literacy, and student’s cultural awareness . The required data were gathered through self-completion questionnaires administrated to Master 2 year students of English at the university of Abbes Laghrour khenchela. The results obtained have shown that students are conscious of the impact of reading literary books on the development of cultural awareness.on the light of this result, The earlier stated hypothesis was seccessffuly confirmed in that enhancing student’s cultural awareness and knowledge need to be accompanied with reading and using literary works. On the basis of the results obtained, some recommendation have been proposed to help the EFL learners in algeria overcome their problems and difficulties in order to promote the interaction proficiency through the use of several techniques and activities that are related to student’s cultural awareness proficiency .