Valorisation du sous-produit des pommiers par l’extraction des composés bioactifs

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Université Abbes Laghrour -Khenchela-
Abstract The purpose of our thesis is the development of a few manufactured products, by valuing these two varieties of golden (golden and red boskoop), the latter has a low marketing value in the preparation of natural vinegar from the fermentation of golden juice and of red Boskoop in a moment of 56 days, in an ambient temperature through the secondary temperature. in the first stage, an alcoholic fermentation in an aerobic medium, for the second stage alcoholic oxidation in an aerobic medium. Dunant the comparison of the physicochemical analyzes of the vinegar of golden and Boskoop red, one has to obtain results close to the Algerian standards for the vinegar of Boskoop red, put of vinegar of golden approval of the decree. And during our monitoring of the acetic acid made up and the sugar remained of the fermented golden and boskoop through the sampling and measurement of the refractive index where the results showed that the percentage of the vinegar of fermented golden juice is 48.63% and total acidity of 42.54% for red Boskoop juice, and the decrease in the total amount of sugar percentage from 6% to 1.5% for °Brix la golden and from 16% to 4% of red Boskoop vinegar. And from these results, we have shown that we can produce vinegar, using golden juice and red Boskoop juice, and we can improve the quality, using rapid fermentation mechanisms