The Application of Problem-based Learning in Literary Texts Classes and Learners’ Attitudes: A Correlational Study

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Ichkalat journal
Abstract: The current study examined how students’ attitudes towards problem-based instruction are correlated with its level of application. Prior to this study, the researcher conducted a quasi-experiment with an intervention of PBL-based instruction in the literary texts classroom in the department of English. The current descriptive correlational study was then carried out in aims of unveiling students’ attitudes towards PBL-based activities in light of their perceptions about the extent to which PBL activities were applied. Thirty third year students at Abbess Laghrour University in Khenchela, Algeria responded to a survey measuring attitudes and perceived level of PBL practiced. Data analysis has revealed that, overall, students reported having practiced a sufficient amount of PBL activities, a few others who had failed to practice PBL activities sufficiently viewed them more negatively and benefited less from them, and their perceived level of practice is significantly correlated with their attitudes towards various PBL activities.