Using Pictures as a Didactic Support to Enhance EFL Learners’ Writing Skill Case study: Third year Pupils of Middle schools of “Zoui”

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Abstract This research aimed at discussing the importance and effectiveness of the use of pictures in teaching writing. Pictures as visual support could have a great impact on pupils’ skills improvement. The teachers’ awareness of such strategy could also improve their pupils’ performance in writing. The objective of this thesis was to attract the pupils’ knowledge of this visual strategy and to demonstrate the extend how such strategy could be beneficial if it is used effectively. The descriptive method seemed to be adequate for this study. Relying on two kinds of questionnaires which were addressed directly to two populations of one hundred and fifty third year middle schools pupils and ten teachers at ‘Zoui’, Khenchela. The research findings were as following; 1-Both teachers and pupils valued the use of pictures in the written section positively. 2-On the same stream, it was found that there was: a - Long teaching programs. b- Lack of teachers’ training courses. c -Short period of time. d- Absence of motivation. All these factors hindered the process of teaching and learning at"Zoui" middle schools. In the recommendations, it was agreed that possibly most of these problems that were facing the pupils when producing a piece of writing could be decreased only if pupils got much support of this visual strategy of using pictures. Also, the Ministry of Education should decrease the length of the program, at the same time increase the training courses because this would help pupils to improve their writing skill and become competent writers.